How to find a good realtor

Selling or buying a house without a realtor may be quite hectic. It is tedious to move from one estate to another, looking for a house buyer or seller. Therefore, to avoid this hectic job, a realtor can sort you out. However, you need a good and reliable realtor who is capable of getting in touch with house sellers, or potential house buyers.

The following tips will assist you to spot a reliable realtor among thousands of them.

Referrals by friends or family members

diaspora vancouver real estate listingsOne of the best ways to find a realtor in Maple Ridge is through getting recommendations from friends or family members. A family member or friend is someone you trust, and he or she will refer you to a good realtor. A reliable realtor will perform to his or her level best since clients are the marketers of quality work. Therefore, referral may be as good as gold.

Researching online

Internet can be your answer right away, by checking reviews of clients who used a particular realtor. Positive reviews indicate that the realtor is good, and reliable. However, negative reviews will tell you to avoid the agent since no past good performance in his/her job. Don’t rush to make a deal with an agent online since there are many fraudsters. Find out reliability and authenticity first, through customers’ reviews.

Experience of a realtor

An experienced realtor should have closed or opened more properties. A good realtor will be willing to knock even at doors that are not for sale, implying that he or she has adequate experience as a real estate broker.

Find out popularity of the realtor

Popularity of realtor should not only be extended to clients, but also to other realtors. You can enquire from other agents about an agent before striking a deal. If a realtor is quite popular to other agents, you will know whether to choose or not. Respected real estate agent is the best to choose.

Choose a local realtor

It is advisable to work with a local expert like the Cardas Mugridge Group, even though you may have a personal agent. Local expert have more knowledge about the area than a distant agent. In case of any problem arising as a result of selling, or buying a house, local agent will help you in sorting out.


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