When Should I Consider Going to An Orthodontist?

An Orthodontist is a dentist with advanced knowledge in realigning crowded and crooked teeth into a regular and defined line. Anyone with crowded and crooked teeth will always resist smiling since his or her teeth are quite embarrassing. There is no need to cover your mouth with a hand while smiling, just visit an Edmonton orthodontist right away and improve your smile.

Malocclusion is a condition whereby teeth are overcrowded and crooked. It is a situation that occurs to both adults and kids. Malocclusion is a problem that may be inherited, or may occur as a result of an accident. If you are in this condition, there is a reason to see an Orthodontist for teeth correction. He or she will straighten your teeth, and correct jaws line up to fit the teeth together properly. Orthodontists usually use braces together with other appliances to move teeth. They also use retainers when positioning crooked teeth.

An Orthodontist will help you to get that smile you have always wanted. It is also worth noting, oral care is quite essential for your overall health. Crooked and overcrowding teeth may lead to other dental problems if not corrected early enough. The associated dental problems include; gum diseases, jaw problems, and tooth decay. Abnormal teeth alignment starts to be visible at ages of six years and twelve years. Therefore, treatment can start at around ages of eight years and fourteen years.

edmonton-braces-diasporagirlBraces are commonly used by orthodontists when correcting teeth. There are modern braces, which use new materials that apply gentle and constant pressure during teeth movement. Unlike traditional braces, modern braces need little adjustment. However, you must maintain a balanced diet at all times while undergoing treatment. Balanced diet is essential to prevent food plagues from accumulating around the braces. It is advisable to inquire from the Orthodontist the type of foods to avoid during treatment – check one out here: http://ab.embraceortho.com/contact-us/

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